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Make a donation to our hardship fund

Our hardship fund supports children, young people and families we work with in times of crisis, usually when we are working on longer term resolutions to destitution and hardship.


This fund is used to; 

  • Provide short term accommodation in the event of homelessness when there are refusals to provide support whilst we obtain statutory support. 

  • Provide goods and small cash payments during times of crisis, to meet the basic needs of children we work with. 

In providing this support, we have; 

  • Provided accommodation to children and families who otherwise would be street homeless, largely when there are issues obtaining statutory support or emergency enquiries into our service. This allows us to work on cases, conduct advocacy and sometimes seek legal advice on case progression. Our fund ensures that no child we work with experiences street homelessness following referral or contact with our service. 

  • Provided vouchers and goods and things such as phone top ups, which provide a lifeline with their caseworker. This is again used in emergencies to provide for immediate needs of children whilst we work on cases and work towards statutory support. 

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