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Training for professionals

What people say about our training

"The training was delivered by such an experienced practitioner with so much knowledge and insight into the immigration system and specific situation of migrant families and safeguarding. Brilliant to have so much honesty and directness. Inspiring to hear from someone who is fighting structural injustice."

"I found the training very interesting. Nick's enthusiasm and focus on the systemic issues that cause safeguarding concerns were particularly stimulating."

About our training

All of our training is delivered in smaller group settings, whether online or face to face. The focus is on creating a reflective space that allows discussion about migration issues and how they impact on children, to both deepend knowledge and look at migration in a child focused way. All our training is delivered by our practitioners, who work day in day out with migration issues that impact children and carry specialist knowledge to support children with immigration problems.  

Upcoming dates and courses

An Introduction to working with children and young people in migration

This course is a 4 hour online, interactive workshop designed for people working outside of the migration sector in working with children and their families with immigration problems / considerations in the UK. It is suitable for social workers / student practitioners / family support organisations / school support and others working with children and families. The course covers the basics of understanding and working with the intersect between child welfare and immigration and how best to support children and families with immigration difficulties.


This programme is delivered in small groups to allow for an interactive and reflective session.  

Upcoming dates 

8th May 2023 - 10am-2pm *Online webinar* Booking and more information

19th June 2023 - 10am-2pm *Online webinar* Booking and more information

Children's welfare rights

This course is delivered face to face and online. It is a one day training course. This course focuses especially on equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills to understand welfare rights and entitlements and how to practically access and advocate for them. The course is split into 3 parts which will cover;

  • Section 17 Children Act 1989 and provision of welfare support in immigration contexts.. 

  • The asylum support system.

  • Unaccompanied children and young people. 

This course is most suitable for those working with children and young people in migration or who have a keen interest in it from statutory and non-statutory background. A basic understanding of children in immigration is helpful and we would recommend our introductory course if you are not sure. We will deal with the different forms of welfare entitlements for children, young people and families, from both a practical and theoretical perspective. This one day course will equip practitioners with the tools they need to effectively advocate for children and young people and access routes of support.

Upcoming dates

19th May 2023 10am to 4pm *online webinar* More information and booking

Social work assessment and migration

This is a one day face to face or webinar session focusing specifically on the task of assessment. It will be particularly relevant for independent social workers and those working with children and families, who conduct detailed assessments of children, young people and families where the assessment concerns elements of immigration, or assessment of best interests of children in immigration decisions.. This programme is led by experienced practitioners and will always include a trainer who has done extensive independent assessment work with children and young people concerning immigration decisions. 

Upcoming dates

No upcoming dates at the moment.

Bespoke training and seminar delivery

We can devise and deliver seminars, workshops and training and deliver any of our pre-designed training courses in house. We have delivered specific safeguarding training to migration sector partners alongside programmes of training to community health (midwifery), the charity sector and universities.

Our bespoke programmes have included; 

  • The intersect between child welfare and immigration

  • Safeguarding considerations for migrant children

  • Migrant rights awareness

  • Practical help for migrant children

  • Welfare entitlements for families. 

We have delivered seminars primarily to social work courses in universities on;

  • The children act 1989 and migrant rights. 

  • Hostile environment policy

  • Practice with migrant children

  • Age assessment / age disputes

To talk to us about a bespoke programme in your organisation, or on tailored delivery of one of our existing training programmes, please email us at

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