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Help us to support migrant children and families
Helping to support migrant children and young people

Your donation will make a big difference to the lives of children, young people and families that we support and help further best practice and changes to the system to impact the lives of many more. 

As a small charity, we have low overheads meaning that all the money that we receive through donations goes directly to supporting projects that we are working on. Your donations help us to; 

  • Put on more activity days and days out with the children and young people that we work with. 

  • Provide more casework and family support.

  • Help us to provide emergency essentials and accommodation in times of crisis.

  • Run groups and supportive spaces for children, young people and parents.

  • Support young people to access services in their language via translators.

And much, much more!

Thank you for your generosity and for supporting Together with Migrant Children.

Donate to a specific fund

You can also make a donation to a specific project if you want to support a specific area of our work. Just click on the name of the project and you will be taken to the specific donation page for that fund. 

  • Hardship fund - Our hardship fund supports with emergency accommodation and emergency goods and payments in times of crisis, when statutory support has been refused or is unavailable. We use this fund to provide emergency support during casework to support long term resolutions. 

  • Translator fund - This fund enables us to have anytime, anywhere access to translators so that young people and families, particularly unaccompanied asylum seeking children, can access advice and support in their own language.

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