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Make a donation to our translation fund

Our costs of translation in 2024 are expected to be around £5,000 (based on last year!) and this lifeline for children, young people and families where English is not their first language is an essential component of our service. 

We use on demand telephone translation and face to face interpreting with many of the children and young people we work with. It is critical that these young people have access to advice and guidance in a form that they can understand, helping them understand their rights and entitlements.

Translation is also not cheap. We aim to reduce costs by using community translation where possible, however, having an on demand service is crucial for meeting young people where they are at, at a time when they need advice and guidance. We have worked on a good rate with a good provider of telephone translation. This ensures that we can provide our services at the point of need for vulnerable children and young people.


Thank you for supporting our translation fund.  

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