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COVID update 6th December 2021

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Due to the changing nature of the situation ahead of us at the moment, we are just writing to remind of the measures we are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If anyone has any questions about the way we are managing the pandemic, please email us at If you are working with us already, please speak to your caseworker.

Outreach sessions

Our outreach sessions are currently operating as normal at Hackney Migrant Centre where we drop in once per fortnight, we adopt their policies and procedures for their drop-in which includes face coverings in the buildings, limited numbers and social distancing.

We encourage people not to show up without an appointment , we may be unable to see you.

Home visits

Our practitioners will still be visiting families in their home, however the way we carry out our visits is a little different. First, we will ask families prior to our visits about any symptoms or people self isolating in the house.

Second, when we come into your home we will be wearing a medical face mask and will not take that off for the whole of the visit to come and see you. We will also try and keep our distance in the home as much as we can, to maintain social distancing. If we are coming to your home, your key worker will explain all of this to you so you know what to expect when we come to your home.

Before entering your home they will sanitise their hands and will do the same when leaving.

All of our practitioners regularly test using lateral flow tests. They will test also on the morning before any home visits before leaving. They will cancel visits if they produce a positive test, if anyone in the household they are visiting has symptoms or is isolating or if there have been any other changes that will make a visit unsafe.

If someone is isolating but we need to do something in an emergency (this sometimes happens such as needing to drop off emergency cash or food) then we will do a visit on the doorstep, we will not enter the home.

Groupwork programmes

These continue to run online currently and following a successful stint of in person meetings over the summer we will be reviewing this again in the spring.

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