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Our response to the Review of Civil Legal Aid (RoCLA) consultation

Together with Migrant Children has submitted a response to the Review of Civil Legal Aid (RoCLA). This review presents an opportunity for meaningful changes in legal aid provision.

In order for the review to create any meaningful change, resourcing and capacity is the key issue impacting on legal aid provision, particularly in immigration and asylum. We have been concerned about the waiting times for those needing legal aid provision for some time and have noted a consistent uplift in delays, which is evidenced in both ours and other submissions to the review. We call for the following;

  1. Bringing immigration matters back in scope of legal aid and eliminate the need for exceptional case funding, particularly in cases concerning human rights.

  2. Improve accessibility of information for those on the availability of legal aid.

  3. Reduction of advice deserts and resourcing based on need, not volume.

  4. A better resourced and fairer legal aid system for both providers and those who use legal aid.

You can download a full copy of our response here.

Submission to the Government Review of Civil Legal Aid
Download PDF • 270KB

We are also a member of the Refugee and Migrant Children's Consortium. The consortium response can be found here.

RMCC response to RoCLA February 24 FINAL
Download PDF • 693KB


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