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TwMC client judicial review claim successful against housing failures of LB Redbridge

The claim concerned a TwMC client, a mother with 3 children against the London Borough of Redbridge concerning failures under the housing act. The claim against the borough succeeded on all grounds. The family were supported initially and then through the claim by Lucy Rix, a Family Support Worker at Together with Migrant Children.

The client, who was granted refugee status in the UK and subsequently made a homelessness application to the London Borough of Redbridge on the termination of their asylum support. Since making that application in November 2022, the London Borough of Redbridge moved the family 14 times across various hotels on a b&b basis. These moves meant constant instability for the children, various and difficult journey's to school and their community and the difficulty and distress that comes with staying in hotel accommodation for long periods of time and the well known impact on a child's development and wellbeing.

After the initial claim was issued, Redbridge accepted their duty and then made an offer of unsuitable accommodation in Peterborough which was refused, which led to Redbridge terminating the housing duty to our client.

Throughout the course of this case, Redbridge breached court orders on three occasions.

Will Ford from Osbornes Solicitors who took on the case talks more about the judgement in this Twitter thread.

They succeeded on all grounds of the claim;

  1. The initial housing needs assessment and personalised housing plan were found unlawful.

  2. They failed to conduct a proper review of housing needs.

  3. The decisions around the temporary accommodation and an offer of accommodation in Peterborough was unlawful.

  4. The decision to terminate their housing duty was unlawful.

The client was represented in court by Josh Jackson of Cloisters, instructed by Will Ford at Osbournes Law.

The family have now thankfully been given self contained accommodation in area and can begin to move on, with continuing support from TwMC.

This was an example of particularly challenging and indeed hostile conduct against our client, who suffered months of uncertainty and distress. It is a significant judgement in respect of clarifying local authority homelessness duties. The full judgement can be read here.


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