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Why we are doing the London Legal Walk 2022!

Access to justice strikes at the very heart of our work here.

Over many years, there has been repeated attacks on people's ability to access good quality advice and legal representation. From the curtailing of much legal aid work to the underfunding of specialist advice services alongside many other changes, access to justice can often be seen as at threat.

At the same time more recently, the narrative surrounding those standing for people's rights and providing these very services is one of 'do-gooders' and 'activist lawyers' who are painted as frustrating the legal system. All in all, this is an erosion of people's ability to seek impartial and specialist advice and uphold people's fundamental rights.

What it means for the children we work with

Without strong access to justice, the children we work with are unable to access what they need to be able to regularise their immigration status, challenge decisions that have been made about them by public bodies and exercise their rights.

Our exceptional case funding project seeks to access legal aid for those who would not otherwise be able to access it, for human rights based immigration matters and some family law matters. We then support families to find good quality immigration representation to make what are often complex applications to remain in the UK.

Our assessment work contributes to access to justice by providing impartial, best interest and children's rights based assessments to help inform decision making in immigration matters.

Our UASC and litigation friend work supports young people throughout the entire litigation process in respect to age disputes, supporting young people to make key legal decisions, act on their behalf and get fair hearings.

Without these projects and the 100s of others throughout the UK, access to justice would be severely limited. This is why we must stand up for the rights of people to access good legal advice and seek redress in the courts. It's why as a sector we must show collective solidarity against years of savage cuts and restrictions on access to high quality advice and representation.

It is why we must support Access to Justice.

On the 28th June 2022 we will be walking 10km as a team with over 100 other advice organisations, lawyers, chambers and supporters to raise awareness (and money!) for access to justice work.

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