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Our services over Christmas

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Throughout December and over Christmas, there will be a change to our normal services.

This post was edited on the 8th December 2021

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas break and enjoys themselves. Together with Migrant Children each year makes some adjustments to its services throughout December and into the Christmas period.

Due to COVID and the developing situation and potential for further restrictions, this post will be reviewed periodically and updated with any further changes.

Christmas party

We hoped it would be able to go ahead when we were booking it weeks ago, but we have made the difficult decision to suspend the Christmas party for children and families we work with this year. Like last year, we will aim for an online alternative and gifts for the children we are working with.

Outreach services

Our last outreach services of the year will be;

  • Hackney Migrant Centre 1st December 2021

  • Greenwich Migrant Hub 15th December 2021

Referrals and advice requests from practitioners

From the 1st December, we will be closed to routine referrals for support and will reopen to referrals in January. We take this time every year to regularise our caseloads and prepare for the new year. We will still in this time accept requests for advice (no names consultations) and urgent referrals such as safeguarding concerns and immediate destitution worries.

Our advice line for families

From the 1st December we will continue to give first line advice to families but will only take on urgent casework as above. Families can still call our advice line and get advice. Any routine casework will be addressed from January or signposted to other services.

Opening hours over Christmas

Our office will be largely closed over the Christmas period with a limited duty service for families already on our caseload and urgent enquiries only.

  • 24th December - Closed - Duty service 10am-12pm

  • 25th December - Closed - No duty service

  • 26th December - Closed - No duty service

  • 27th December - Closed - No duty service

  • 28th December - Closed - No duty service

  • 29th December - Closed - Duty Service 10am-12pm

  • 30th December - Closed - Duty service 10am-12pm

  • 31st December - Closed - Duty service 10am-12pm

  • 1st January - Closed - No duty service

  • 2nd January - Closed - No duty service

  • 3rd January - Closed - No duty service

If people require urgent advice on our duty service days please call the office on 01865 528 658 between 10am-12pm. This includes no names consultations. Anything that isn't urgent we will take details and then contact you again when our office opens in the new year.

Our services will return to normal on the 4th January 2021.

In an emergency over Christmas

If you are already working with us, your caseworker will have discussed what to do in the event of an emergency or any difficulties on the days we are closed and will have told you when we are open and how to access support over the Christmas period.

If you are not already working with us and are in need of advice, please call us on the days that we are running a duty service on 01865 528 658. If your advice need is urgent, we will deal with it as we normally do. Otherwise, we will take details and contact you in January to discuss your needs.

In an emergency over the Christmas period such as homelessness or immediate child safeguarding needs, you can call the Emergency Duty Team of the local authority that you live in. These details can usually be found on the council's website for your area.

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