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The TwMC Christmas Appeal!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

This year, we are asking for help with funding translators for our work with children, young people and families.

Our Christmas appeal this year is slightly different. Most years, we ask for help with putting on Christmas celebrations for the children, which this year is fully funded. Instead, our Christmas appeal will focus on a core element of our work, providing translation services to children and families so they can communicate with ease, in their own language and enable them to build strong relationships with their caseworkers.

This year, we are hoping that our Christmas appeal will raise enough money to cover the cost of translation services for the entirety of 2022, something that costs around £5,000 a year. We hope that you will consider donating to this vital fund that means that children and families can access on demand interpreting when they need it.

Despite securing good rates and relying as much as possible on community translation, on demand interpreting face to face and on the telephone remains our biggest overhead.

Translation services are used in multiple ways, they have been used for example for families to communicate with their caseworkers, but also used on demand for things like medical appointments where they have struggled to communicate their needs. It is a vital provision in the charity for families that do not speak enough English and is critically important in advocacy and ensuring children and families voices are heard and rights met.

In the last few weeks for instance, we have seen the number of age disputed children and young people referred into our service increase. These young people speak little English and rely on us having access to interpreters when they need it, in order to have their voices heard and be able to communicate properly with their keyworker.

We hope you can help us with our interpreting fund this year and despite the challenging times, we wish everyone a very happy Christmas and new year.

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