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We have received several enquiries in relation to the on-going humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Our solidarity goes to Ukrainian people. We believe that the UK is not doing enough to support not only Ukrainians impacted by the humanitarian crisis, but also not enough for others from many other nationalities seeking sanctuary and safety.

We have put together below helpful links and resources and the type of support we can offer.

Ukrainians not yet in the UK with immigration enquiries

We cannot provide international immigration casework and do not have the skills and expertise in house to provide advice on visas and entry requirements.

The Work Rights Centre has produced this useful guide for people trying to leave Ukraine including regularly updated general advice on the current routes and entry requirements available.

The Ukraine Advice Project UK is an incredible voluntary effort by UK based immigration advisors to support people making applications and provide advice. It is an incredibly busy project. They can be found here.

There is also this useful resource from the Red Cross.

Ukrainians in the UK or coming to the UK imminently

We can provide advice and support for children and families coming to the UK on welfare issues such as housing, benefits, education and school registration, healthcare access and other advice and support that improves the wellbeing of children and their families and supports children and families to navigate UK systems.

We can take referrals from professionals and direct enquiries from families and young people. We will happily advise families who are not yet in the UK but are making plans to come to the UK on their rights and entitlements and where no support is available on entry or that support is limited, arrange other provisions to support children and families whilst they are settling in the UK.

We will revisit capacity in our service constantly to ensure we are able to offer advice to those who need it. Where we are unable due to demand, we will work to find another agency to support them.

Enquiries about hosting Ukrainian refugees

We are not a hosting charity and are not able to provide advice to people wishing to host refugees. We do however think that hosting is a wonderful thing to do!

We would suggest that you contact Refugees at Home and express your interest in hosting.

Enquiries about donations of goods and what you can do to help

We are a small, specialist casework service that operates in the UK and currently we do not have any need for donations of goods. There are many projects supporting with the collection of goods and volunteering roles that can support not only Ukrainians but Refugees more widely both home and abroad.

There is a good list of ways you can support Ukrainians and the emerging humanitarian crisis from Global Citizen here.

The Nationality and Borders Bill

The UK's approach to asylum and wider immigration falls woefully short of a rights respecting system. At a time where compassion, human rights and justice should be at the forefront of everything we do, legislation is currently passing through the houses that will create a devastating system for those seeking sanctuary in the UK, on top of the hostility already towards those seeking safety.

We support the Refugee Action campaign to stop the anti-refugee bill. More information and action you can take can be found here.

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